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My peat plot problem

Does anyone have experience of burying bodies? Preferably in peat?  Was anything dropped in the grave that was incriminating?

I’m addressing writers, you understand, not murderers. And no, these aren’t questions I expected I’d ever have to ask but an unpredicted twist in my almost completed story means I’m having to rewrite a section and I’m struggling to find a likely item that would survive long enough to date the grisly event back in the late 1970s when the body is eventually uncovered in 2014.

I know this isn’t the time for reflecting on dastardly deeds, but perhaps in a spare moment, while you’re choosing presents, watching a nativity or humming a carol you might give some thought to my dilemma which is currently driving me to drink; mulled wine, as it happens – there has to be some seasonal cheer in an otherwise murder-riddled festive period.

The scene is a remote Scottish moor and the baddie, a mature male farmer, disposes of the evidence without considering that the blanked-wrapped body will ever be found, so he’s not too careful. Peat bogs are exceptionally good at preserving items but it doesn’t need to incriminate him, just anchor the event in the period.

Oh,  you want to know if there’s a reward for the most useable information? Well, I could name one of my characters after you so that you’d be immortalized in a …ahem… bestseller.

How about it?

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  1. Sounds fascinating, sorry not much experience with either peat or dead bodies, if it was a sand dune on the other hand…

    December 18, 2013
    • Quite relieved to hear that … I think. Happy NZ Christmas

      December 19, 2013
  2. talkwithscott2013 #

    Was the victim carrying an audio cassette of the Bay City Rollers?

    December 15, 2013
    • You’ve just made my day Scott! Thanks for the blink of Australian sunshine on this dark Scottish morning x

      December 16, 2013
      • No worries Nancy, it’s finally starting to get a bit blinky here after a pretty wet and cold start to summer. Still, its muesli these days and not porridge! x

        December 16, 2013
  3. Fiona MacMurray #

    Ooh. Not dental records you are thinking? Could his tooth have jjst bappened to fall out? Or he had a little bottle of pills?

    December 15, 2013
    • Aha, pills for the toothache which was so bad he murdered someone? It’s a whole new plot, Fiona, thanks!

      December 16, 2013

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