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Following autumn paths

The river paths are a bit neglected these days; wooden bridges hang by a thread, fallen trees need to be scaled and the bracken and heather have started to encroach. But I’m drawn to that sense of decay, the knowledge that they’re slowly being reclaimed by nature.

There are no barriers, no signs, no people; just generations of history and memories.





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  1. Good for you to take time to get out and explore. I am amazed by the courage of those heading out alone. Oh, but isn’t it wonderful to free roaming! Yes, we do it in a super comfortable moving home . But we still roam wherever we want. We fell in love with hiking over the last year while spending our time in the western US. Come May we are heading back to the beauty of the mountains, canyons, and rocks.

    Your fall photos are very pretty.

    January 10, 2014

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