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Just saying …

My new pal, Granville-the-photographer-who-doesn’t-like-to-walk, sat down beside me as I sheltered from the rain in the Lerwick museum coffee shop.

The Shetland Isles are littered with professional and amateur photographers from all over the world and you trip over them in graveyards, on hillsides, behind cliffs and down by the shore snapping otters and seals.

I first met Granville lurking round a standing stone on Unst. Next it was on the Yell ferry crossing. And then he turned up again today. We’re clearly old friends now so I suppose he felt he could be blunt.

Anyway, we’d been sitting talking about places we want to visit and he mentioned Venice. I said it was high on my list too but because it was such a romantic destination I was putting off and waiting to go with someone special.

He raised an old grey eyebrow. “Well, if you’ve still to find him I wouldn’t leave it too long,” he mused.

Just say it as it is, why don’t you, Granville of the great name.

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