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Highland Gypsy?

I test drove one of these today, in a fetching shade of blue.

It may not have the kudos of a vintage VW camper but it’s cool. And sleek. And you can stand up in it.

I told the salesman I would be living in it full time and he said I was mad. I suggested that was an unusual sales pitch.  He insisted it just wouldn’t be big enough and made me  look at others which were cumbersome, cheap and oh so ugly.

But this baby has everything I’d need, including room for my tent, walking gear and a bike, which would all fit under the fixed bed at the back. There’s a mini wardrobe, space for books, my camera and possibly even a couple of pairs of shoes. It has a loo and shower, a tiny little kitchen with a fridge and ICE BOX and a table with a revolving armchair (the driver’s seat) where I could sit and write. And there would be a very strong incentive never ever to put on any weight or I wouldn’t fit into my home. Ticks all the boxes really.

It does cost a lot of money though: too much probably. So I’ll need to ponder on whether or not to upgrade my nomadic life to such luxurious levels or to stick to Plan D (or possibly F or G)  … anyway, the one where I use a combination of my tent and Youth Hostels for the summer.

That’s very appealing too.

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  1. Good luck on your adventure. just wanted to share mine, hope you enjoy.

    May 12, 2013
  2. Scott Jordan #

    One useful question may be, would this open up more possibilities or close more down compared to other plans?

    May 12, 2013

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