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Carrying on after Carrión

Image 1There was this great theory (possibly mine) that sleeping out under the stars would be a romantic way to see the sunset. It would also make a refreshing change from sleeping in a stuffy albergue! So once we reached Carrión (having already walked 35km that day) we stocked up on chocolate, fruit and a box of vino tinto, walked another 7km into wheat fields then climbed up high onto the top of a stack of straw bales. And waited.

So far the theory was working out. But as we sipped wine from the box and waited for the last glimpse of the sun, the wind howled around us and the temperature plummeted.

There’s no denying the sunset was spectacular but by the time there was only a red glow on the horizon there was absolutely no warmth up on the exposed bales, even wearing all our clothes inside our summer sleeping bags. We were shivering and it was only 8.30pm. A long sub zero night was looming.

So we climbed down, I wrapped my sleeping bag round my shoulders and we limped towards that glow in the sky for 10 long, cold kilometers, all the way west, along the original Roman road to Caldadilla de la Cueza.

ImageIt was 10.30pm when we finally saw the lights of the town. I’d been on the road for 17 hours, albeit with several (over)long rests. We hadn’t faced wolves or robbers or any of the other dangers that haunted the Medieval pilgrims but we had got a hint of real discomfort on the way.

It had been an adventure though. It had been worth it.

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  1. Hi Nancy, we must be somewhere around where you are, possibly a few bunks over at Santo last night.

    April 9, 2013

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