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Hordes heading for Hontanas

P1000458So there we were, boots off, savouring an orange and slugging water on the wide open meseta. The road was empty, the early afternoon sun hot and high in the cloudless sky. There was plenty of time to rest and take stock before making the final push for the town of Hontanas, deep in the heart of the wheat fields.

And then they appeared: hordes of them on the horizon, surprisingly clean-looking, determined pilgrims in groups of a dozen or more walking at a furious pace. We sat and gaped at first  then eventually realized the limited bed spaces would be rapidly filling up so laced up our boots and quickly followed the crowds.P1000456

We discovered later that buses from Burgos had been seen depositing loads of 30 or more walkers at a time on nearby roads. From there it was a quick walk into Hontanas, a few beers and a cheap bed for the night on a super short 24 hour long “pilgrimage”! We secured some of the last beds in town then sat at a table in the square for the rest of the afternoon, massaging tired feet and watching more and more friends arrive. Soon the table had expanded to welcome pals we hadn’t seen in a week or more.

It was time to rehydrate on beer, share stories and eat well.

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  1. Vehicle drop-offs to claim the beds! *sputtering in rage*

    November 30, 2016

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